Hello! I am Alexandra, the woman behind FAYWARE. With help from my partner, I run my stationery small business from the beautiful country of Norway. I have always had a strong passion for journaling and an obsessive love for anything paper related. As our lives worsened during the pandemic I decided to start FAYWARE in order to help others find joy in the ordinary through paper.

Frequently Asked Questions

01. Where can I buy your products?

All the products are currently sold through Amazon.com (US store) & Etsy. If you see any of the products appearing with “Currently Unavailable” on Amazon, then Amazon cannot ship to your location and you can try to buy it from Etsy instead. However please note that the stock on Etsy is limited and therefore some products might be out of stock on Etsy as well. In this case, following my Etsy store will let you get notified when items are back in stock.

Amazon: amazon.com/fayware

Etsy global shipping 🌎: faywareshop.etsy.com

02. Do you offer products for FREE?

At every new product launch there are giveaway and challenges with free products. Follow us on instagram to get updates and join our latest giveaway.

If you are an influencer with a good engagement rate, then you can choose to contact us. If your community and content are aligned with our vision, you become our collaborator and will receive free products and special discount codes for your community.